Server Setup/Administration

This server is currently self-hosted because that is the cheapest option for me right now. It's made out of scrap parts but does the job just fine!

What I Host

  • This site - I use nginx with the fancyindex module for my files page.

  • Minecraft - A fairly optimized minecraft server, its mainly just a private server for me and my friends. I also host modded servers on occasion, I've hosted too many modpacks to even remember.

  • Etherpad - I also host an etherpad, mainly for myself to move away from google docs for simple notes.

  • Matrix - I also host a matrix-synapse server as a way to move the people I talk to off discord. I also suddenly realized it's a great way to drop a public contact thats not email. I think the whole decentralized idea is super cool.

  • Nextcloud - Mostly made this just to have it but it has really come in handy latley. I use it for personal use but also some friends are on it. I mainly use it for notes, moving files from device to device and the calendar.

  • Git server - My personal git server is on here and it's so cool. I use stagit (suckless uses it and it looks real minimalist) as my web frontend and it looks super super good!

  • Mumble - Made this so I can use it to talk to my friends who use discord :(. Mainly plan to use this for friends and people I know. But hey, you never know.

  • Lufi - This is a E2EE file sharing service. Really cool so I decided to self-host it! Is password protected but if you want to use it feel free to contact me.

  • Pleroma - Pleroma is a federated twitter alternative. Wanted to host it because it looks real cool and I can keep up with some people. Hard to find cool people on it, at least for me (someone who doesn't use social media much). Though it's good for my friends and others that would be using twitter or other evil socials: it gives them a reason to switch! Also I may use it more because I really like it so far.

  • Pixelfed - Instagram instance because people like posting pictures more than tweets. Plan to keep this acquaintances only. Just because It will probably get more traffic from people I actually know.

  • Vaultwarden - Trying to encorage the people I know to use password managers, not going well. I actually don't use docker for this; I run it from source with the source web front end as well (saves resources).

  • XMPP - Personally I have found that I like XMPP better than Matrix. Although matrix is still pretty good and really helpful for those moving from discord to something more free. I run prosody for this server. I doubt I'll be able to get anyone I know using this but for me personally I'm happy to use it.

  • I often get asked how I host all this stuff. Honestly it just comes down to a solid server set up (like proper user compartmentalization), rsync and a fair amount of shell scripts for automation. Scripts are used mainly for updating things that arent downloaded using the package manager. I save some system resources by not using something like docker. Just not how I started with this server and have no real motivation to restart and move everything to some container software. I feel I have more freedom with my stuff this way as well.