my setup

This page is for info on my current set up and software (including privacy tools I use)...


This computer is my daily driver as well as my gaming pc. Self-built.

OS: Manjaro (xfce)

DNS: nixnet alt: quad9

VPN: bitmask (RiseUp VPN), self-hosted wireguard and protonvpn (sometimes)

Web Browsing:

Web browser: librewolf (main) and TOR (browser) (alts: hardened firefox, brave)


  • uBlock
  • decentraleyes
  • https everywhere
  • cookie autodelete
  • clearurls

Search engine(s): searx & duckduckgo

DOH: nixnet also: quad9


  • default
  • academic
  • videos
  • shopping


Terminal: st, check out my build of st

Text editing/Programming: neovim, for most things... vscodium, for vidya programming and other bigger projects.

Email Client: claws mail.

Email Services: and are high tier. and are good if you need others (2nd tier). I also use simplelogin for aliases if it's something I can't use a temp mail for.

RSS: newsboat

Music: cmus. I like owning my music so music I like is most likely on my hardware. Though I will occasionally use spotify (to be clear though I hate spotify) to checkout some music or to make the odd playlist I want to share.

Video player: mpv

Image viewer: feh

Image modification: gimp

Torrent: qbittorrent

Documents: libre office, for general stuff and etherpad (self hosted 😎) for quick stuff and school notes.

Project planning: nextcloud deck, hosted on my own nextcloud.

Virtualization: kvm/qemu

Password manager: keepassxc


  • signal, for private messaging.
  • element, for teamspeak (self hosted matrix-synapse), trying to get the boys on it...

Cloud: nextcloud (self hosted), don't use the cloud much but for file sharing/music/pictures/roms/notes it's good, fucking GOAT for calandar/planning.


Spec: pixel 3a xl

OS: grapheneos

DNS: quad9

App store: fdroid

Notes: nextcloud

2fac: aegis

Password manager: keepassdx

Ebooks: librera

Messaging: signal (keeping an eye on session though)/briar/element

Music: vinyl/spotify

Videos: newpipe, for youtube. fedilab, for peertube.

Entertainment: retroarch, mostly gba and snes games.

Nav: OsmAnd~ and Transportr

Email Client: Fairmail

Web browsing:

  • Tor browser, mainly what I use on my phone.
  • Bromite, research, general search.
  • Vanadium, for shopping.

VPN: bitmask (RiseUp VPN), self-hosted wireguard and protonvpn (sometimes)

I also use a samsung galaxy for google maps and stuff that I need cellular for. I try to avoid using it though.



[amd ryzen 5 3600] [16gb ram] [nvidia 1060] (proprietary drivers 😔) [ssd]


Thinkpad t410 corebooted. [i5-520] [8gb ram] [ssd] it runs artix with xfce.


I have a hyperx alloy fps with keyboard cherry mx brown switches. It was gifted to me by a cute girl <3. I also have a steelseries mouse.