My Setup

This page is for info on my current set up and software (including privacy tools I use)...


This computer is my daily driver as well as my gaming pc. Self-built.

OS: Manjaro (xfce)

DNS: nixnet alt: quad9

VPN: bitmask (RiseUp VPN), self-hosted wireguard and protonvpn (sometimes)

Web Browsing:

Web browser: librewolf (main) and TOR (browser) (alts: hardened firefox, brave)


  • uBlock
  • decentraleyes
  • violent monkey (for like random scripts and stuff to make some sites better)

Search engine(s): searx & duckduckgo
(I've been using duckduckgo more for research and stuff, searx just doesn't really cut it imo. Though I have actually got some pretty informative results from wiby, or maybe I'm just more inclined to read the pages on that engine.)

DOH: nixnet also: quad9

(I actually have moved academic stuff to a whole other vm because all the crap you need for online school, in the process to moving everything over to a scap desktop)

  • default
  • academic
  • videos
  • shopping


Terminal: st, check out my build of st

Text editing/Programming: neovim, for most things... vscodium, for vidya programming and other bigger projects.

Email Client: claws mail.

Email Services: I use my own server now. Others [ and are high tier. and are good if you need others (2nd tier). I also use simplelogin for aliases if it's something I can't use a temp mail for.]

RSS: newsboat

Music: cmus. I like owning my music so music I like is most likely on my hardware. Though I will occasionally use spotify (to be clear though I hate spotify) to checkout some music or to make the odd playlist I want to share.

Video player: mpv

Image viewer: feh

Image modification: gimp

Torrent: qbittorrent

Documents: libre office, for general stuff and etherpad (self hosted 😎) for quick stuff and school notes.
Been using vim latley for note taking it's actually not bad. To study I'll pull it up later in libre office and just highlight important parts.

Project planning: nextcloud deck, hosted on my own nextcloud.

Virtualization: kvm/qemu

Password manager: keepassxc


  • signal, for private messaging.
  • element, for teamspeak (self hosted matrix-synapse), trying to get the boys on it...
  • XMPP (Client: Dino), this is actually my prefered method of communication, but lets face it, it's easier to get others on signal.

Cloud: nextcloud (self hosted), don't use the cloud much but for file sharing/music/pictures/roms/notes it's good, fucking GOAT for calandar/planning.


Spec: pixel 3a xl

OS: grapheneos

SMS and Calling: (This is sick, check it out if you need a private solution for sms/calling)

DNS: quad9

App store: f-droid

Notes: nextcloud

2fac: aegis

Password manager: keepassdx

Ebooks: document viewer

Messaging: Molly (keeping an eye on Session though)/XMPP (Client: Conversations)/Element

Music: vinyl/spotify

Videos: newpipe, for youtube. peertube, for peertube.

Entertainment: retroarch, mostly gba and snes games.

Nav: Organic Maps with Acastus Photon and Transportr

Email Client: K-9 Mail

Web browsing:

  • Tor browser, mainly what I use on my phone.
  • Bromite, research, general search.
  • Vanadium, for shopping.

VPN: bitmask (RiseUp VPN), self-hosted wireguard and protonvpn (sometimes)

I also use a samsung galaxy for google maps and stuff that I need cellular for. I try to avoid using it though.



[amd ryzen 5 3600] [16gb ram] [nvidia 1060] (proprietary drivers 😔) [ssd]


Thinkpad t410 corebooted. [i5-520] [8gb ram] [ssd] it runs artix with xfce.


I have a hyperx alloy fps keyboard with cherry mx brown switches. It was gifted to me by a cute girl. I also have a steelseries mouse.