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Cool Playlists

Soon I will figure out a way to share the playlists with a non-spotify option (ofc this option can't be evil). Just no good way has come to mind yet :(.


  • [ordered] - playlist is ordered (usually has intermission songs & movements). These work shuffled just fine too.
  • [shuffle] - should be played shuffled. Not ordered in anyway.

Through The Snow. [ordered] My winter playlist. [spotify]

i, transmission. [shuffle] A playlist made for a friend to help make friends. Basically a bunch of songs I'd be comfy playing around others. [spotify]

and then I'll die. [ordered] 2019 be like. 5 cents. [spotify]

fangs. [shuffle] music for parties. No one here truly has good intentions. [spotify]

I mean it. [shuffle] not a playlist I really tried with just the emo/hardcore/mathrock I like all in one playlist. [spotify]