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Planetary Ring Transmission

Welcome to what amounts to my music suggestions!

I know most people don't have enough time to listen to an album so I just post a song I think represents the album well or what my favourite is (depends on the day). That being said, I do suggest you check out the albums too if you like what you hear! The descriptions don't follow any special rule, I just put what I feel when I make the post. More indepth musings on artists or albums can be found on my blog.

Please contact me with suggestions of your own in you feel like it, or discussion/comments about the music here. I would definitely appriciate it! I'll try to get back to you :).

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[Thick Letters To Friends]

Song: Cold Words, No Poem

[feed|standalone] [04/09/2022]

artist: Kaddish

album: Thick Letters To Friends

People have complained that I haven't post in a while so I return with this banger. Some great tracks so good I learned how to play one. This album is a certified classic much love to Kaddish for making a great album.

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Song: Germinal

[feed|standalone] [01/18/2022]

artist: Men As Trees

album: Weltschmerz

Well it's getting quite cold out there. This is a great hardcore/post-rock album and is quicky becoming one of my most listened to. I've seen a lot of reviews of this album where the singer's voice is disliked. I don't really get that, I think it's kind of interesting and has a manic vibe to it which works for the album. Anyway this album is great, there's quite a lot to unpack here. Give it a listen on the next winter walk you go on and you wont be disappointed.

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[On The Air]

Song: Gold Dust

[feed|standalone] [04/17/2021]

artist: Duster

album: On The Air

I've been on a slowcore kick with the come of Spring. Duster is one of my favourite bands. But instead of telling you to listen Stratosphere, I'm going to assume you already have. This is a live recording of Duster on KSCU Radio. It's full of legendary cuts and they mix up the songs too. If you like any of Dusters stuff this is worth your time. All the links go to you tube, you can find the mp3s on soulseek if you're so inclined.

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[Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!]

Song: ...and the Cat Turned to Smoke

[feed|standalone] [02/15/2021]

artist: Orchid

album: Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!

Was going to contribute to the emo tradition of posting an album that fits the general feelings of this time. Fuck that. Instead, pick yourself up kid and dance and scream your heart out to some orchid. This album is amazing through and through. Happy late Valentine's day!

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[Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home]

Song: I Can Hear Your Footsteps Just Outside Camp - Sah, Sah, Sah...

[feed|standalone] [12/24/2020]

artist: The Newfound Interest In Connecticut

album: Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home

With Christmas time upon us and being back home, I thought it would be fitting to talk about this masterpiece. With the snow begining to fall everyday, the night upon us for most of our waking hours and, most of us coming back home; I think this album perfectly fits the vibe. Especially for canadian winters there is no better album (from what I have heard) that captures the special qualities and sadness of this time. This record hits close to home for me, and I'm sure a lot of others that are fans of this band. The cold loneliness that envelopes winter juxtaposed with Christmas time were thoughts of other people, people that were in our lives, people that you used to see every day, people that are slowly leaving your life, people curretly in your life, and those that have stuck around. This album at least for me hits all the emotions and melancholy that come with the previously describe thoughts. Every cut on this record is great and really creates an enveloping atmosphere. This is a landmark album in emo, blending emo and post-rock so well it can't be described with out the other. The recommended cut makes you feel lost in a cold dark forest of evergreens, the song builds and builds and then cuts off with the cold yells of "coward", and it's just so chilling in a good way (if that makes any sense). Lots of other tracks feature great vocals and lyrics as well as frosty/snow covered atmospheres and its amazing. I thourougly suggest this album, even to newcomers as this was my entry point into realizing the beauty and emotions these types of records contain (perfect time too; an essential autumn/winter album).

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[Where You Are and Where You Want to Be]

Song: For Meg

[feed|standalone] [12/04/2020]

artist: On the Might of Princes

album: Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

It's been a while but heres a great record getting me through finals.

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[For Cameron]

Song: Something That Matters

[feed|standalone] [10/10/2020]

artist: Merchant Ships

album: For Cameron

For Cameron is another amazing emo album. Clocking in at 18 min it's def worth the time. If you like Brave Little Abacus you will probably like this one. The song writing is great on this album, and it makes a great intro into emo.


[ album | track | yt ]

Song: 7

[feed|standalone] [09/28/2020]

artist: iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook

album: discography

I owned this album for a while now and never really got to listening to it. And I couldnt even get past the first couple songs. Screamo hasn't really been to my taste. But with the isolation and loneliness that current times bring I got around to listening to it just clicked. Emotionally this album hits really hard especially if you are already going through some lonley introspection. Some real standouts for me on this album are 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 12. I would suggest you read up on the lyrics if you like the songs well worth the time. I would say this is some of the best emo to come out in recent times. Lyrically its fucking depressing and musically it's jamming. Give it a 3:00AM listen if you feeling the inescapability of your isolation for the next 2 years. Only yt links for this one if you want a download and you dont want to go looking for it contact me.

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[Turn on the bright lights]

Song: The New


artist: Interpol

album: Turn on the bright lights

Fuck all this emo shit, time for some post-punk bangers. Turn on the Bright Lights is a paradise for fans of shoegaze with some fucking head bangers mixed in. The New is entrancing piece and reminds me of masterpieces like Disorder by Joy Division. Some prog and death metal players (like fucking Aidan) may say this shit flappy, however; that's because the double bass pedals have melted their minds. The New is like flavour town on those dynamics and the bass is fucking masterful. The lyrics drive hard and Paul Banks tackles melancholic tones while remaining subtle and refreshing. Like films that show a day in the life, Turn on The Bright Lights manages to capture themes that are personal yet universal at the same time. The guitars remain shoegazey but throw some ear worm esc melodies in. This contrast is showcased masterfully on The New. I've played this whole album on the drums and I can personally attest that rhythms have sweaty highs and the tasteful lows. With instrumentation and vocals that all music lovers will enjoy it is an ez rec.

- Written by Kaz

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[dc snuff / waste yrself]

Song: salvia plath


artist: teen suicide

album: dc snuff / waste yrself

Me and bea♥ like listening to this together! This album is just a great vibe if you're just hanging around in your bedroom by yourself, or with someone else ♥.

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[People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World]

Song: Rejoice


artist: Andrew Jackson Jihad

album: People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World

The emo/punk lyrical content of this album works really great with the folk instrumentation. It's a great record to just listen to all the way through with a runtime of like 25min.

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[what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you]

Song: stumble


artist: awakebutstillinbed

album: what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you

Just started listening to this recently. And I love it a lot. My first introduction to a female led record in the emo genre (kinda ashamed to admit that lol). This album hits pretty hard musically and emotionally. Has a mix of intensity in each song (in the vocals especially which I love). This is quickly getting into my heavy rotation it was pretty much just what I needed at my current state anyway. Listen to the whole album if you have the time! If you like any of the stuff I have been posting recently hit this one up too. I know I have been posting the same sort of music lately (this album takes some inspiration from BLA) but, just had to put this one out there.

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[please be nice]

Song: why can't i be snowing?


artist: Camping in Alaska

album: please be nice

please be nice is one of my go to suggestions for someone wanting to get into midwestern emo. In my opinion it is one of the best albums in the genre. I felt like I needed to post this song (and well album in general) on this feed just to give sort of an entry point to one of my favourite genres and the underground scene in general (though this has become sort of a cult classic since I started listening to it). Usually this goes without saying but check out their other music too if you like this album (The band would definitely like that). Though I could see myself growing out of this album, I can't ignore the nice late night drives with this album. Anyway give it a listen you may like it or find it cringe (if you hate classic emo themes lol).

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[The Bed Is In The Ocean]

Song: There Are Ghosts


artist: Karate

album: The Bed Is In The Ocean

I have been listening to this album for a while. This album (or band rather) can mostly be described by the jazz fusion label. If the word jazz is not to your taste though this album is rocking with some really jamming bass and drums. Really, the suggested song is just to get you into the album, the rest of it is really worth a listen.

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[Indian Summer]

Song: Angry Son


artist: Indian Summer

album: Science 1994

This song reminds me of my friend Nick. This song has many names I know it as Angry Son.

[ album | yt | spotify ]

Song: Born Again So Many Times You Forget You Are


artist: Brave Little Abacus

album: Masked Dancers: Concern in So Many Things You Forget Where You Are

This is one of my all time favourite albums. If you are going to listen to any of the albums listed here this one would be up in the top 5. I've listened to this album and the other, equivalently as amazing, Just Got Back From The Discomfort -- We're Alright many many many times over (I happen to enjoy the math rocky-ness of Masked Dancers though). It may be hard to get past the singing on this one (even though I personally really enjoy his style and emotion). You just have to trust me that once this album clicks, it clicks. If you're looking for an album to sing your heart out too, or just want something that has a lot to listen to instrumentally and a lot to meditate on lyrically give this album a listen (it's quite undefinable in terms of genre).

As a quick note: there is no "official download" so I have linked my own copy ;) (though I did hear Adam was planning on putting Brave Little Abacus' whole discography on spotify).

[ album | yt ]

Song: ultrahigh


artist: pilotredsun

album: bootleg

This song is from a collection of demos and other rarities by pilotredsun. If you like this song or the album you should check out Achievement (a real good album by pilotredsun). Only youtube links sorry :(.

[ album | yt ]

Song: Rocking With Keith


artist: Panchiko

album: Ferric Oxide

This song is from a collection of early demos from Panchiko. If you like D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L or just some bumping early experimental indie then give the album a listen. Rocking With Keith is my fav track as of this date.

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