Website update_


Updated my website to added a bunch of pages. This will be pretty much how it looks for a while now. I am planning on adding tags to the planetary ring transmission but that will take a little bit. What I will probably do for that is when I make a new post it will have something like id="midwestemo mathrock electronic fav". I'll have the program then look in an index of know tags and if it can't find one an new html page is added and the music post is cloned on that page and it will me accessable in planetary ring transmission tag list or something like that.

Anyway check out the new stuff! Here are some things I added:

  • Git server with stagit as a front end. Real happy with how it looks.
  • Files page I used fancyindex for this (took a while to find). Basically it generates a front end for an auto index and then you can style it.
  • Project library Made a project library for projects I dont work on much or are finished (though lots of my work is unfinished :c). I can update it real easy with another bash script I made.
  • A bunch of other pages Well just take a look around yourself! I plan on sharing this website to more people so had to make it look all good.

Some other stuff:

Since I did all this work with niche software I plan to make blog posts and maybe videos if I have time of how to add these to your sites. Hopefully I can get around to making matrix and other selfhosting tutorials too even just for my memory.

I would like to make some more maybe personal/general thoughts posts as well. But it's up in the air. Also I got some music posts on the backburner as well always wanted to do article style ramblings on Pretend or BLA at some point.

School will take up most of my time this season but hopefully I can grind out the backend before things get up to speed so I can just make content when I have the time.