Backend for blog is done!_


Well it is done. I can now make blog posts quickly and easily from the command line! I use an edited version of lukes blog script to make posts simply. It is basically a bash script that appends/removes html code. I really want my site to stay on the minimalist side so a version of this script was perfect for my needs. I use the same bash script system for my music posts too. My plan for this blog is just mainly to be tutorials and other updates related to what I am interested in (also to keep me productive). Also I will probably talk about some music indepth if I have the time on here too. The main goal for this website though it to make it fun to browse, so I will be adding random fun pages in the future. Subscribe to the rss to keep updated on my happenings.

The name is a straight rip from one of Dusters albums but hey it fits the website theme so whatever.