Hyjakk 0.1.1_


Hyjakk 0.1.1: Elora, Night Two.

This is the second part to the previous Hyjakk post on Elora. In this (2nd) installment we explore some more of what Elora has to offer. There's quite a few construction projects near town and into the wooded areas as well. I'm sure this stuff started ever since the mill reopened in 2018 or something. The south side of the river took the biggest hit with most of the green being replaced with condominiums and whatever else. Needless to say, I wanted to get some nice views in from the south side before it was ruined...


When you enter you can see they are moving these ruins kinda right by a road. They used to be more into the forest and it was a nice chill place, but now with the cars it probably wont be that much anymore. Further in there's a nice spot kinda like a beach (but way too rocky) and a cave. I assume they would keep this open to the public after the construction is done. But you never know. It would be a nice place to cool off during a summer day, but I doubt it will be open anytime soon (so only night trips, for now). Had some fun though making shadow puppets on the cave walls.


Now to the nice views in my opinion...
These are the views that will probably be gone once they set up the condominiums. Keeping within the forest (where the cameras werent) theres a lot of cliffs to look out on, it being a gorge and all. Theres a nice look out on the side I was on of the tooth of time. It's a nice looking waterfall thats fun to watch (especially from the side where the falls are coming towards you). Though I found myself mostly just sitting on the cliffs edge watching the mill. Something about watching the people dine there eating expensive foods and walking out on the terrarce looking out at the falls. While I was tresspassing sitting on a construction site that soon would hold more rich people, that would look out at the falls every morning but through a window. And across from them the same sort of crowd. Sort of gave off a weird feeling but I was kinda relaxed just watching the poor waiters bring dish after dish to people in suits and dresses. I'm sure there would have been a lot more people if it werent a pandemic but the small amount of people there made it kinda nicer. I could just sit there and imagine what brought the people there to that place in time and just take in the nice air and audio of the falls below me.


(There was a much better views without the trees, but when sitting there I didn't think of taking one.)


After some relaxing on a cliff, my brother and I decided to press on into the construction area and I snapped the pic above. But my bro got spotted by a camera so we decided to head out. Got some nice scouting done though either way and it was fun while it lasted.

After some walking and catching up with my brother. We were passing an abandoned grocrey store and decided to check it out. Totally a spontaneous decision but it paid off real well...



The grocrey store was decently old. Definitely not modern by any sense of the word. So there was a lot of old signage and machines and that was pretty cool. Every thing was cleared out, lots of random cool papers and what not thrown around the place. Here's some shots of the main floor...



After checking the main floor out and taking in this forgotten place. We entered a basement. In an office area there was a lot of old manuals, hats, pictures, festive things, signs, blueprints and other stuff. Way too much to go through and definitely didn't feel like we had all the time in the world.


Poor bill has seen better days, but he might be chillin in retirement right now. There was also a bin of vinyl which I assume was the shopping music which was really cool. A bunch of classical and easy listening (unfortunately it's been a while so I don't quite remember the artists). The basement itself was real sketchy. They had everything they needed for storage and whatever else on the main floor. So the basement I assume would be a break room area and for offices. But it looks like this now:


It went all the way under the road and you could hear the cars passing above you. What was weird further was this dungeon like area at the back with a cell looking door...


Would have liked to spend more time in the store but really didnt feel like a great place to spend a LOT of time. But got an unexpected adventure which was fun! It's cool to think a bunch of people used to work at this place stocking shelves and running tills, now, for both the shelves and the cash registers to be gone. With just some old signs and pictures/manuals/timetables to remind you that this place was once staffed.

Well.... this marks the end of the 1st Hyjakk. This part came way later after because how busy life got with school and such. But I found myself at one point wanting to get this done more than studying for an endless amount of tests and assignments. Anyway, more to come.