Hyjakk 0.1_


Hyjakk [0.1]: Elora, Night One.

Welcome to Hyjakk. This is supposed to be a series to share some urbex and exploring I'm doing. To be transparent, this is quite a new hobby so the series will probably progress in quality as I figure this shit out. This also marks my first real blog post so... nice!

Elora is a nice cozy small town. Or at least thats how I remembered it... now it usually fills up with tourists in the summer and well into the fall. As, I guess, a natural byproduct of that the stores and town has taken on this social media-ized, elitist vibe that ruins the whole charm the town used to hold. For example nook in the wall cozy sort of shops turning into annoyingly lit trend shilling stores.

That being said there is still some charm to be found in this area. My first suggestion would be to explore off the path in the gorge (and that's just what I did with some friends). But with the high river in the fall some places are harder to access now. Here is where the exploration begins!

Even in the fall Elora gets quite a bit of foot traffic even into the later hours. Which made these ruins of the old mill (I think?) a great place for some mild stealth and a chill spot void of distraction.


This place actually was quite cooler than expected, a friend and I spent a fair amount of time just chilling and catching up. The windows overlooked a walking bridge so sitting watching the people go by was also nice. The bridge and the balconies opposite also required us to be more mindful of our presence which makes it more fun in my opinion.


Also what was unexpected was was being able to enter (through a small crawl space) the chimney/shelter area was actually pretty nice too. Due to the dust and whatever other shit it wasn't a place one could chill for long but it was still pretty cool.


I don't know much about the history of these ruins but I beleive they were moved to make way for the new rich boys only mill. It's purpose now is a backdrop to some wedding spot ( I don't know what to call it). It seems pretty sucky considering the nearby bland parking lot and construction (more on later). Though held within, you could feel the old ch arm this town used to have. It was also an easy spot to get to at night, so I'm sure it's popular with the local goths. The weak/loose rock make it a dangerous though and it also ruins the structure/spot itself, so don't be stupid if you go (also the vandalism ruins the charm so don't). The open windows are real nice and give some pretty good views, for me, that was the highlight. Later looking through some photos, I spotted an owl in one, that I never saw my whole time there. Just a little reminder that you aren't the stealthiest thing around.


I was going to make my trip all one part but I started writing this and decided it would be multiple. Maybe a draft would be in order next time. All the photos were taken with my phone so if you hate the quality consider buying me a camera. That's it for tonight!